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We are UBU.

We help U become the best U possible! Well, at-least online…


We create packages specifically tailored to each of our clients based on their marketing needs, budgets and goals.


Out-source your digital marketing management! 

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Digital Media Management and Marketing

Most businesses misunderstand and misuse social media platforms. Community and Brand is everything to us at UBU, organic sales are the best kind for customer acquisition cost. Our team specialises in exploiting undervalued attention organically through all channels.


Your social media is the most scalable to target and reach your target customers. Our team of content creators and strategists develop a custom content model and deploy it across all social and media outlets and platforms. We offer community management and engagement to interact with your new and existing audience!


Our team are experts in designing, creating and positioning value driven contextualised ads across all platforms. We offer campaign design and strategy, creation and production of the creative content as well as the positioning of the content onto ALL social platforms.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful tools to grow a business, especially if budget is a restriction. Our team can select and manage a team of affiliates to cater to the goals of your business wether it’s awareness or conversions!

Website and Search Engine

On top of building beautiful optimised websites, we implement frameworks to capture organic traffic to maximise your sales! Traffic from search engines is like a river, we want to make sure that as much of that flows towards your website as possible….


We offer a super custom and flexible approach to your website needs. From creating a website from scratch to complex redesigns recycling and updating existing code. 


SEM (search engine marketing) is the combination between SEO and SEA/PPC. SEO is one of the least exploited and understood features of digital marketing. We pride ourselves in our methods of driving traffic and increasing ranking using the most cost efficient and innovative methods through organic and paid link building and keywords management strategies. We create powerful and cost efficient PPC campaigns to compliment the SEO efforts.

Blog Services

Using keywords research data we create a blog content model to exploit keywords with high traffic and low difficulty to drive traffic to your website and improve overall SEO.

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How to make a Content Model?

How to make a Content Model?

How to create a Content Model? Techniques for creating and implementing a Content Model. Content Models explained.

What is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a voice-based online media Platform. Clubhouse is an app that allows you to make and join "rooms," where you would then be able to chat with others in a big conference call. There are no photos, recordings, or content - just sound. Clients...

Do you need a website ?

Website Design

We can build your website from scratch!

It doesn’t matter wether you have a technical description of your dream website or nothing at all, our team has dealt with everything! We will build you anything from a simple landing page or an SPA to a full scale multi page website which can even be converted into a PWA!

Website Development

Perhaps you already have a basic WordPress, or a Shopify….

Our team can develop on any website building platform or code, there are pretty much no limits to what we can do! Maybe you want to improve the page speed, or add features which can only be done in code, or maybe you need to improve the SEO optimisation of your current site… Everything is possible!

Website analysis

Maybe you aren’t satisfied with your current website

We provide audit services to identify, analyse and understand issues you may be facing which could be harmful to performance. Our team is dedicated to understand and solving your problems through a creative approach. We assess the state of your website and make recommendations and/or implement, be that to improve design or performance!  

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