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The 2020 events have had a huge impact on every aspect of our world. These effects on our society can definitely not go unnoticed. People are staying at home, and they are trying to find more and more ways of entertaining themselves and carrying their business operations from the comfort oftheir own home. This means that a significant amount of tech companies are going to reap thebenefits. In this list we have compiled and shortly described the businesses that have been impactedby the 2020 events the most. 


With a huge number of individuals being asked to remain at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19, many have discovered inventive approaches to remain social through happy hours and birthdaycelebrations. Zoom is one of the many video conferencing softwares that has ascended to the top,due to serious social distancing measures.  


Day by day downloads of the Zoom application have expanded 30x year-over-year and the application has been the top free application for iPhones in the United States since March 18 2020, as per Bernstein Research and Apptopia. Zoom stated that daily clients spiked from 10 million inDecember 2019, to 200 million in March 2020.S 



Shopify saw a 62 per cent rise in the creation of websites on their platform in the space of 6 weeks due to lockdown. The pandemic allowed Shopify to overtake eBay and become the 

 second largest US ecommerce group by market share behind Amazon. In the space of 1 year, Shopify managed to make $51.4 billion. This is not short of incredible 

Shopify is an incredible company and more and more people are realising that they can use the platform to empower themselves and re gain control of their lives. Young teenagers are now making hundreds of thousands of euros from the comfort of their own home. 

Gen z seems to be much more interested by Freedom than status. So it seems clear that a company like shopify is only set to grow bigger in market size.  


T-Mobile gained 452,000 new paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, in other words we can say the Covid-19 Pandemic really helped the business prosper. During the pandemic people became much more dependent on their phones for connection and communication. T-Mobile is now the third largest player in the US telecoms industry. T-mobile gained $59.7 billion in market cap during the pandemic.  




Companies that were affected by the pandemic


Netflix has seen a flood of new subsribers as lockdowns around the planet keep individuals at homewhere they need to be entertained 

16 million individuals made accounts in the first three months of 2020, the firm said. That ispractically double the amount of new subscribers they acquired in the last months of 2019.  

The streaming company outperformed it’s predicted numbers by a huge amount. The giant of movies and series gained 183M subscribers globally. All to say that this was not expected and represents a 23% jump from the same time period a year prior. The biggest boost in subscriptions came from Africa, Europe and the Middle East where 7 million users signed up in just the first quarter of 2021. Netflix increased it’s market cap by $55.1 billion so this leaves us to wonder how strong this company will become. Will it replace the cinema industry completely eventually? 


However, Netflixwhich is behind some multi-million dollar productionssaid lockdowns have endedpractically all” filming around the globe. Alsosharp decrease in the value of many currenciesmeans new subscribers outside of the US, where Netflix is based, are not worth as much to theorganization as they would have been before the pandemicThis has harmed its global incomedevelopment 


 Nevertheless, the share price has climbed over 30% this year as investors bet on its capacity to profit as individuals spend more time inside. 

Companies that were affected by the pandemic


Amazon has unmistakably been the remarkable entertainer through the course of this worldwide pandemic and has assumed a fundamental part in giving admittance to the provisions and necessities vital for day by day lives. In the same way as other retailersit has been centered around activities to discover answers for the way that COVID-19 has reshaped online shopping , enterprises and economies around the planet. 


Amazon has needed to respond with mind blowing speed and even its not-immaterial production network and satisfaction abilities have been tried. Regardless of being a standout amongst other set as far as framework and dexterity to react to this uncommon flood emerging from this spontaneous occasion (though Prime day and Cyber week were arranged), similar as different retailers, Amazon was as yet tested by the sheer volume of interest.  


Exceptionally centered interest around specific classes implied that Amazon needed to respond rapidly to battle gives that emerged, to guarantee that their foundation and commercial center held trust with customers. It was one of the principal retailers to actualize “cost gouging” guard measures, and today proceeds with its endeavors in key classes, for example, hand sanitiser and veils, where a few venders were raising costs, or where the out of stocks prompted more exorbitant cost focuses as lower evaluated things auctions out and fell off the stage. Amazon rushed to banner and take measures to correct where dealers were improperly adjusting their item substance to exploit the current circumstance, for example, unapproved clinical cases that didn’t adjust to security guidelines, venturing to put hang on 4000+ merchants and reaching clients who may have been influenced.  


Amazon additionally held off taking conveyance of trivial things to their stockrooms and broadening (even on Prime) conveyance dates to 1+ month out all together so they could focus on fundamental appeal classes, with additional means in France and Italy to quit transporting out to clients, venturing to offer impetuses for clients to delay their conveyances. At last, Amazon has deferred Prime Day, its leader retail occasion, just as eliminating certain advancements or arrangements from its foundation during top lockdown interest, to zero in on delivery basics to shoppers.  


Obviously satisfaction stays top of psyche, as Amazon battled to stay aware of interest. Most as of late, they likewise declared the expectation to recruit 100,000 additional representatives, and raised wages, just as to help the wellbeing of their labor force, offering fourteen days paid wiped out leave for laborers that tried positive for COVID-19, all of which will have suggestions on its working benefit.  



Across all customer bundled products, the most recent 3 a month on Amazon in both North America and Europe have beaten both Prime Day 2019 and Cyber Week 2019, beforehand the most elevated deals periods in history for those classifications preceding COVID-19,which gives us a sign of the extent of the spontaneous interest that Amazon has needed to oversee through.  


Brands and retailers have needed to focus on fundamental SKUs for assembling and supply(counting family tissue and tinned goods), redistributing work and assets where vital to keep improving accessibility rates. As Amazon keep on zeroing in on its Covid reaction, brand sought to focus on remaining in stock with key things, supporting the more extensive endeavors of the stage and trying not to see computerized rack situation disintegration due to being unavailable.  


In general, brands can and ought to discuss oftentimes with retailers to recognize and foresee most popular items to build limit with respect to and cooperate to actualize systems to adjust in-store accessibility levels with expanded online interest.  



Large numbers of Apple’s providers in China had to close down creation for half a month towards the beginning of February, with the manufacturing plant terminations coming just after the Lunar New Year occasion. Fundamental iPhone providers that incorporate Foxconn and Pegatron were shut for a long while on the grounds that an episode of COVID-19 at a provider grounds where labourers reside nearby other people would be crushing.  


Apple in January reported designs to give to cash to bunches devoted to battling the COVID-19 episode in China, and later, Apple CEO Tim Cook said it would dramatically increase the organization’s gift.  


As referenced previously, Apple briefly shut every single corporate office and retail locations in China because of the infection. Corporate workplaces are currently returned, and stores are currently resuming. In the United States, Apple requested all from its corporate representatives to telecommute where conceivable, and it is giving limitless debilitated leave to any worker tainted with the Covid. Retail locations were shut for roughly two months, and as of June, Apple has started permitting corporate workers to begin to get back to their workplaces.  


As indicated by Apple CEO ‌Tim Cook‌, Apple’s central concern is the wellbeing and security of its workers, store network accomplices, clients, and networks in which it works, with Apple focusing on individuals over income.  


Apple has worked with its providers to source in excess of 20 millions N95 covers that have been conveyed to medical care laborers in the United States, and millions mores have been given in Europe. Apple has additionally been fabricating face shields for clinical networks, and has given huge number of dollars to different foundations 

Companies that were affected by the pandemic


Instagram has been a force to be reckoned with, accepting the part of being the best quality level for promoting. It’s an interest-impact stage that individuals go to for disclosure as much as whatever else. They don’t have a particular reason when they go there, however when they arrive, utility worth increments coming about because of the advertisement experience. There are not many different examples where that is the situation. Google can highlight how paid hunt postings frequently are tapped on more than public pursuit postings because of their land and the nature of their innovative message that mix and the volume of promoters helps overcome any issues somewhere in the range of substance and purpose. That is what’s going on with Instagram, where individuals are discovering items they didn’t know existed and discovering data they would have needed to look for somewhere else. Thus, the more grounded the publicizing gets, the more noteworthy the utility, which makes ROAS unfathomably solid and fits a wonderful shopping experience.  


The last downturn offered ascend to Facebook and offered ability to Google. The down turn before that offered ascend to Google and capacity to computerized. That is not relationship– it’s causation, and it’s because of the exactness, adaptability, and responsibility those stages offer. So as we emerge from this emergency, individuals are probably going to siphon cash into advanced stages that have demonstrated effective, as Facebook and Instagram.  


With Instagram, is there any indication of an increment in direct-to-buyer brands, given that such countless individuals are remaining at home ?  


We don’t get utilization information, however there is each sign that individuals are investing more energy in those applications. The inquiry is whether brands will gobble up a portion of the extra accessible stock. Possibly, yet you wonder about the stock they would eat up. Very few organizations need to be situated close to COVID-19 substance, regardless of the cost. They would prefer not to appear to be coldhearted or assemble their brands on the rear of a troublesome circumstance.  


Who is best situated to arise on top once the pandemic finishes? I envision it’s Facebook,yet what might be said about different stages ?  


Facebook’s solidarity is that it’s worldwide and enhanced in its sponsors. It draws in brand dollars, direct-reaction dollars, and everything in the middle. In the event that an area or market gets hit, Facebook will not be hit as hard.  


It additionally profits by issues in other media. TV, for example, is confronting an existential emergency. With its forthright introductions dropped, networks are going straightforwardly into exchanges for next season. Be that as it may, CFOs are reluctant to secure responsibilities a year ahead of time without understanding what’s occurring. I see TV stations being compelled to move – possibly quicker than it’d like – to the purchasing mode 




Companies that were affected by the pandemic


The quick changing improvements encompassing the COVID-19 pandemic appear to be obviously appropriate for online media’s unmatched capacity to offer mass prompt correspondence. For experiences into what the pandemic is meaning for the web-based media business, GLG as of late chatted with the current CEO of a significant computerized publicizing firm, who wishes to stay unknown.  


In January and February, spending for Facebook was in front of financial plan. In March, all the dollars allotted toward sports have been pushed off, and travel, accommodation, and expensive retail were hit seriously. While a few sponsors keep on spending, they’re for the most part getting ready for Q2. Missions that hadn’t yet dispatched are being deferred, and really marking centered missions are being examined, despite the fact that experience has indicated that organizations spending on M&A, R&D, and marking during declines arise more grounded on the opposite side. The distinction in this COVID-driven slump is that everybody is being influenced and focused; nobody’s triumphant. All things considered, absolute spending is down simply maybe 10% to 15%. Q2 however, we presently believe will be down year over year. Not down on development, down year on year. What’s more, whatever they did a year ago, they will do less this year.